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Sell Gold & Diamond Jewelry

Sell Gold by the Carat:

Carat value and its Gold content (%):

9k Yellow - 37.5
9k White - 37.8
9k Red - 37.5
14k Yellow - 58.5
14k White - 58.5
18k Yellow - 75
18k White - 75
18k Red - 75
22k Yellow - 91.7
22k Red - 91.7
24k - 100

Selling Gold by Carat

It is a general rule that the higher the carat value, the higher the gold content, and the higher the monetary offer for your gold jewelry. Whether you are selling a bracelet, ring or a necklace with 14kt or 22kt gold, you are going to be paid according to the carat value of the item.

You can check out your local jewelry shops or gold dealers if you are planning to sell your gold by carat. You may also check out online dealers and see if they can give you a good offer for your gold. Lastly, online auction sites can help you sell your gold jewelry by carat.

Sell Gold Bullion & Gold Bars:

Bullion pertains to any precious metal in a form whose primary value comes from the worth of the metal and not from an artificial currency value. Bullion often comes in coins such as gold bullion coins, or bars such as gold bullion bars. These are minted and produced by national governments.

The value of a bullion is determined by three factors:

  1. Metal – Gold is worth more than silver while platinum is worth more than gold.
  2. Weight – Usually measured in troy ounces, where 1 troy ounce = 31g.
  3. Purity – Bullion coins are usually made with 99.99% purity.

Examples of bullion coins

  • U.S. Eagles: These coins are embossed with the image of a bald eagle. Gold Eagles are 91.67% pure.
  • Canadian Maple Leafs: The coins come with the Canadian maple leaf embossed. Gold Maple Leafs were the first 99.99% pure gold coins to be released.
  • Chinese Pandas: The coins depict a panda bear, the image of which changes each year.
  • South African Krugerrands: The first bullion coins ever released by a nation, and are made of gold.
Where to sell gold bullion and bars:

In selling gold bullions or gold bars, you need to locate the nearest gold or coin dealer in your area and see if the offer is good. It goes without saying that you want to get a respectful price for the gold.

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the current price of gold in the open market. Finding a reputable dealer who gives you close to the full value of gold is the next challenge.

If you are unhappy with the local dealers’ offers, time to use the power of the Internet and sell your gold bullion and gold bars at auction sites such as eBay. The risks of lesser bids and lower price value are always present so be prepared for the outcome.

Then, there are also online gold dealers who will give you cash for your gold. Be sure to check the company’s background before sending your gold using gold kits or envelopes.

Sell Scrap Gold:

Scrap gold is anything that has gold in it. This includes bent or broken jewelry, bracelets or chains that are inextricably tangled, broken and unwanted gold scrap, casting gold and grain, cluster rings, gold alloys, gold bracelets, gold bullion, gold chain, gold class rings, gold coins and bars, gold dental crowns and bridgework, old gold watches, and placer gold. The list could go on but these are some of the examples of scrap gold material.

Selling Scrap Gold

When selling scrap gold, the condition of the item is immaterial. As long as there’s gold to be recovered, then it’s the ideal candidate for scrapping. More often than not, it is not practical to repair items such as broken or mismatched gold jewelry, so it is best that they be sold as scrap. The trick though, is that you will not be able to get the face value of the items, but only the gold value which is quite lesser.

How to Sell Scrap Gold

The good news is, there are plenty of scrap gold buyers who will jump over each other to get your gold.

Here are some of the ways to sell your scrap gold:
  • Local jewelers. You should check with your local jeweler to assess your scrap gold. Usually though, you will need to shop around, as offers can vary dramatically from one jeweler or pawn shop to another.
  • Online gold dealers. You may also opt for giving your scrap gold to online dealers who provide you with special gold kits or envelopes for you to send your gold. Lower prices are offered and extra caution is needed when doing online transactions.
  • Auction scrap gold online. Auction sites like eBay can be a good place to sell your scrap gold online, however some may be reluctant to purchase scrap gold sight unseen.

How Much Will You Get?

The price of your scrap gold is determined by a number of factors such as:
  • Purity / Karat (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, or 24k)
  • Current price of gold
  • Dealer’s offer
  • You can also check out scrap gold calculators that help you assess scrap gold price

Sell Gold Jewelry:

Gold jewelry is another form of gold that is a good source of investment mainly because of their monetary value. Gold jewelry such as gold rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants not only look stunning in their artful designs and intrinsic glitter but also because of their considerably high price.

Selling Gold Jewelry

If you have in your possession heaps of gold jewelry and you are planning to sell them to take advantage of the high price of gold, it is advised that you don’t sell gold jewelry for its scrap value.

Selling gold jewelry for its scrap value gains little returns since you are bound to lose its retail value of at most 75 percent. Since the scrap price is based on the value of metal alone while totally ignoring the craftsmanship, aesthetic, antique, and sentimental value of the jewelry.

Is it real?

You have to keep in mind that there are some pieces that indeed have little or no resale value like old class rings that are headed for the scrap heap if you need extra cash. An earring that has lost its mate is also bound for scrapping.

Have your gold jewelry appraised for you to know their worth. Remember that any gold jewelry that is less than 10 karats cannot be legally sold as gold. Also, real gold jewelry has the karat amount stamped into it. If the stamp is not present, chances are, it isn’t real gold.

Here’s a table of Karats for your reference:

22kt = 91.66% gold
20kt = 83.33% gold
18kt = 75% gold
14kt = 58.33% gold
10kt = 41.66% gold

Sell Gold Coins:

Gold coins are made mostly or entirely of gold. These coins are intended to be sold to collectors, or to be used as bullion coins. Gold coins serve as one of the several forms of gold that can be used as a method of investment. A lot of people have in their possession gold coins, which they are planning to liquidate especially in times of need. More often than not, these individuals do not have a clue where to sell their gold coins and make a considerable amount of cash out of them.

Knowing the right place to go to for selling gold coins then becomes an important issue most especially if getting the best value for one’s gold coins is at stake.

Selling Gold Coins

Before even thinking of how and where to sell gold coins, it is assumed that you have kept your gold coins in good condition and you have looked after them carefully. Any paperwork that is necessary, or perhaps certificates and presentation cases should be in good condition as well.

Here are some of the things to remember when planning to sell gold coins:

  • Ease of identifying gold content. The easier it is determine gold content in your coins, the better chances for a sale.
  • Gold rates. Gold price hikes might be happening the very day you want to sell your gold coins but you can’t always get the exact rate from the dealer.
  • Discrepancies in pricing. Dealers are not created equal. Choose one that gives the best offer for your gold coins.
  • Selling gold online. You can also sell your gold coins in auction on eBay or you can find your local dealers’ web sites and compare their rate and offers. You may also try popular cash-for-gold web sites that provide reliable services to their clients in terms of giving the best value for gold coins.